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Cannon W Black

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Color:Black Cannon VL

The CANNON model, your stylish sneakers in vegan and recycled leather!

And in addition, they are super light (194g), comfortable and available in many colors.

Made from recycled and bio-sourced materials.

      • x4 recycled plastic bottles to make 40% of the upper of the shoe (60% PU)
      • Insole: 100% natural cork and 20% seaweed for a soft, supple insole that takes the shape of your foot.
      • Outsole: natural algae (20%) in your outsoles, in direct contact with the ground:
        • 42L of water free of invasive algae per pair (BloomFoam technology)
        • 27m3 of CO2 not released into the atmosphere per pair (BloomFoam technology)
      • 100% organic cotton for strong and responsible laces
      • So light that you'll feel like you're wearing nothing. Only 194g per foot
      • Ultra-comfortable, you won't want to take them off
      • Removable insole if you have your own insole
      • Dyeing process for knit materials requiring 40% less than a conventional process.
      • Removing BloomFoam Cork and Algae Insole
      • By hand: sponge and water
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        • Manufacturing in Vietnam in our workshops with an ethical and environmental charter in place. In the process of BSCI certification!
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