Becky Mendoza

Becky Mendoza

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Last name :
Becky Mendoza

Location :
Encinitas, California (USA)

Activity :
Founder/Professional Action Sports Athlete Lawyer of Action Sports Law Group and Co-Founder/Executive Director of Changing Tides Foundation

What I like to do :
Surfing above all. I also enjoy snowboarding, hiking, camping, traveling and volunteering. All of these things allow me to be 100% present, they give me purpose and make me happy.

My commitments:
I believe that we should respect each other whether it is with the plants and animals of the earth and our planet. I think food is medicine and what we put in and on our bodies is important. I believe food tastes better when you grow/harvest it and share it with friends. I believe the world would be a better place if we all had the opportunity to share. I believe that with focus, hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams and find their way. I believe the universe provides, you just have to be ready to receive.

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried:

Favorite dance song:

A travel project: A surf trip to Cuba- my parents are both Cuban, I was born in Miami and I have never been.

Advice for future generations: Protect the planet and take care of each other.

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