Wild and free

If you’ve ever witnessed a pod of dolphins swim alongside a boat or a golden eagle scan the landscape from a tree branch, you know the lasting impact of experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat. Sure, it’s awe-inspiring and beautiful, but it also puts into perspective the fragility of it all. 

This is why we focus our wildlife conservation efforts by supporting organizations committed to rescuing, caring, and rewilding animals, because we believe that every animal should be free to live a wild life.


While there are reputable companies all over the world that rescue and rehabilitate animals in captivity, our strategic approach is to focus our donations to organizations in which we can make the greatest impact. For 2024, 1% of SAOLA’S revenue will be donated to Friends of Bonobos – a non-profit that provides rescue, sanctuary, and rewilding to endangered bonobos and protects the rainforests where the live.