1. How to pronounce SAOLA?

Ahhh... the million-dollar question. As an international team with varying accents, some of us say SAY-oh-la, others say SAH-ow-lah. The animal we are named after is pronounced SOW-la. Our official position is that there are bigger problems in the world, so what works for you works for us. 

  1. Do shoes made from recycled plastic feel like walking on plastic?

If walking on plastic provides an unrivaled feeling of lightness, then yes! More seriously, you won't even notice that your SAOLA is made from recycled materials. Our goal is to offer you ecological, cool and comfortable shoes, so you can move freely! Not wooden shoes that take you back centuries!  



  1. How does SAOLA work to minimize its environmental impact?

At SAOLA, we attach great importance to the materials used and the manufacturing processes, which together represent 70% of the carbon footprint of shoes. We use as many recycled and bio-sourced materials as possible, which places our shoes among the most sustainable on the market with an average of 3.5 kg of CO2 per pair.  

Aware that there is no perfect solution, our goal is to get closer to it, season after season. To see and learn more about the materials we use, consult the ECO-DESIGN section of the site.  

At the same time, our environmental approach is expressed through our membership in 1% For the Planet. 1% of our turnover is thus donated to associations approved by the collective, such as Friends of Bonobos which we have supported since 2021. 


  1. Do SAOLA shoes contain PFAs or latex?

SAOLA shoes do not contain latex, PFOA, PFA or PFC. To minimize their environmental footprint, they comply with the European REACH regulation. In force since 2007, it aims to preserve the environment and protect human health, by securing manufacturing and limiting the use of chemical substances in European industry.  


  1. Are your materials labeled and certified in some way?

To produce our shoes, we pride ourselves on working with certified sustainable manufacturers and materials as often as possible in the production of our shoes. The main certifications are, depending on the nature of the materials, the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard), and the OEKO TEX, the latter ensuring that each component of our product meets the requirements of a list excluding up to 350 toxic chemicals. It's good for their feet, and beneficial for yours.  



  1. Why do you produce in Vietnam and not in France?

To ensure the delivery of our shoes internationally, the idea is to occupy a central position. With regard to our distribution points, French production would not be more responsible, and would on the contrary generate a higher carbon footprint.   

Utopia would have us produce in every country we deliver to (produce in the United States = sell only in the United States, produce in New Zealand = sell only in New Zealand – and the same for Europe and Asia). But logistically, this would amount to shooting ourselves in the foot, and incidentally, to shooting our favorite SAOLAs. And then, despite our sense of innovation, we have still not succeeded in duplicating Guillaume in several copies.  

While waiting for the size of our company to allow us to invest in other production countries, we therefore chose Vietnam for its strategic position. Central, it limits the carbon footprint of our expeditions. Close to Asia, where most of our raw materials come from, it also reduces the environmental impact of our manufacturing.  

Note that studies show that a truck coming from Eastern countries to France pollutes more than a boat with thousands of containers coming from Asia (like we do)... It's paradoxical, but TRUE !  


  1. What about the conditions of your workers in Vietnam?

We work with factories that have already implemented ethical and environmental charters, such as BSCI certification, which allows us to guarantee favorable working conditions for employees, without discrimination. It offers fair pay, decent hours, no forced labor, responsible waste management, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.  

One of our factories recently took part in an “Ethical Audit” and received a score of 9.2 out of 10. More than one would have been satisfied with that. But not us! We were satisfied only after correcting the few points of attention identified during this audit.  

As a reminder, an ethics audit “evaluates the social responsibility of factories and companies. It ensures that employees benefit from healthy, safe and ethical work environments, as well as fair practices and remuneration. It also ensures that areas of improvement are implemented when necessary.”  



  1. How do I wash my knit/canvas shoes safely?

All knit and canvas styles are machine washable. Simply remove the cork insole and place your shoes in the washing machine. Wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F). 

  1. What care tips for vegan leather and/or waterproof shoes?

Make sure to remove the insole, then wash your shoes by hand with a sponge and Marseillais soap. Do not apply wax or waterproofing spray to waterproof models. The materials used are naturally waterproof.  

  1. Can I remove the insoles from my SAOLA shoes?

Yes, insoles can be removed and replaced with your own insoles. 


  1. I would like to be able to try your shoes instead of ordering online, where can I find a stockist?

Send an email to to find out which resellers are located near you. You will then be able to discover and try on the pair(s) of your choice directly in store.  


  1. Is it possible to modify or cancel my order?

Of course, send us an email at . 


  1. What types of payment are accepted and do you ensure secure payments?

SAOLA accepts payments by Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Shop Pay with guaranteed secure payments. The “s” completing our http also guarantees the security of our exchanges.  



  1. Which countries do you ship to and what are the pick-up and shipping times?

Are you already watching for the delivery man through the window? We understand you, we love our SAOLAs too! The time required to prepare your order is a maximum of 2 working days. And yes, at SAOLA, we don’t have both feet in the same shoe! 

Then the delivery time depends on the mode of transport and the country of destination. For your information, we ship to the United States and most EU countries, as well as Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal and the Czech Republic . If you are in one of these, we will find you!  


  1. Can you tell me about your shipping costs?

Delivery is free in mainland France, Corsica and Monaco, excluding overseas territories from €99 of purchase. Below €99, it is charged €8.90 for home delivery.  

For member countries of the European Union (excluding Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic), allow €13 including tax for home delivery.  

For Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic, delivery increases to €20 with shipping costs.
All other costs related to import into Switzerland are the responsibility of the customer.  

For the rest of the world, contact us at for pricing.  


  1. What is the returns/exchanges policy on the SAOLA website?

Did you get the size wrong?! Did your feet grow overnight!? Don't panic, head to our Returns and Exchanges page for more information. For all returns, the shoes must have been purchased on our site and the request must be made within 30 days of the delivery date. For any questions, send us an email to . And if you bought them elsewhere than on our website, go to the next question! 

  1. Is it possible to return a pair that I purchased from a retailer?

If you have not already done so, we advise you to contact the store where you purchased them. He will offer you either an exchange or a refund under the guarantee. 

  1. Are SAOLA shoes guaranteed?

The answer is an enthusiastic YES. We want you to be completely satisfied with your SAOLA shoes. If not, we will take them back. SAOLA shoes benefit from a 6-month warranty against any defects in materials or manufacturing. This does not include normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, misuse of the product, or use of the product for unintended purposes. 


  1. Tell me about the seasonality and restocking of SAOLA products.

Anxious to limit waste and overconsumption, we launch 2 new collections per year, one in spring for the spring/summer season and another in the fall for the fall/winter season. To avoid excess stock at the end of the season, there is no restocking of current collections. Is the model you like out of stock on our website? Do not hesitate to contact to be directed to a reseller. 


  1. I'm not really sure of my size, do I need help?

Take a look at our size guide , and look carefully on the page of the product you have chosen: there are some additional indications to help you!  

Generally speaking, our styles fit the standard size, but tend to run a little narrow. Also, if you are between sizes or unsure, we recommend sizing up. All model-specific size recommendations are provided on the product pages. You will also find our virtual sizing tool, designed to help you find the ideal size.  

  1. Are SAOLA shoes available in different widths and which models are suitable for wide feet?

Unfortunately, we do not yet produce shoes in different widths. Widths are all proportional to size, based on an “average” fit. You can try our virtual sizing tool available on the product pages to find the best size for your feet. However, if you're worried about making a mistake, we recommend the Alta Vibram, Tsavo and Cannon Knit for wide feet. Don't hesitate to go a half size larger to make sure the shoes fit your feet well.  


  1. Can I choose a Men's size if I regularly wear Women's shoes and vice versa?

At SAOLA, we are not the type to act like people. What matters is finding the right shoe for you. So, if a pair of men's shoes appeals to you, treat yourself. The same goes for the women’s models! Just make sure your size is available, and if necessary, use our virtual sizing tool and size guide to find the right size.