How are SAOLA shoes ecological?

At SAOLA, we try to use as much recycled, organic and bio-sourced materials as possible in the manufacture of our shoes. We therefore focus more on the materials used rather than production, which only represents 30% of the carbon footprint of a pair.

For now, there is no perfect solution but the goal is to get closer, season after season. If you want to know more precisely what materials we use, do not hesitate to go to the ECO-DESIGN section of the site.

Why do you produce in Vietnam and not in France?

We deliver your shoes internationally, meaning we cannot have a central production location. Thus, French production would not be more responsible; on the contrary, our footprint would be higher.

At our scale, 100% production is not possible. Note that studies show that a truck coming from Eastern countries to France will pollute more than a boat with thousands of containers coming from Asia... Paradoxical, but realistic.

Utopia would have us produce in each country we deliver to (produce in France = sell only in France, produce in the United States = sell only in the United States). But logistically, we would have shot ourselves in the foot. And then we still haven't managed to duplicate Guillaume in several copies.

We therefore focus on the materials used in production and the majority of these materials come from Asia.

Vietnam... so what about the conditions of your workers?

We work with factories that have social and environmental charters in place (put in place by bigger brands) .

But this year, we wanted to go even further. Among all the brands working with these factories, we are the first to have requested BSCI certification . So we are in the process of certification and we will have it within a few months, because it requires a lot of paperwork.

This will allow us to guarantee, in black and white, favorable working conditions for employees, without discrimination, fair remuneration, decent hours, no forced labor, responsible waste management, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.


What are the shipping costs?

Delivery is free in mainland France, Corsica and Monaco, excluding overseas territories from €89 of purchase. Below €89, it is charged €8.90 for home delivery and €5.90 for delivery to relay points.

For member countries of the European Union (excluding Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic) , it will be charged €13 including tax for home delivery and €8 including tax for delivery to a relay point.

For Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic , delivery is charged €20 due to shipping costs.
All other costs related to import into Switzerland are the responsibility of the customer.

For the rest of the world, contact us at for pricing.

What are the processing and shipping times for orders?

Are you already watching for the delivery man through the window?
Don’t worry, we understand, we love our SAOLAs too! The time required to prepare your order is a maximum of 2 working days, then the delivery time varies depending on the mode of transport chosen and the country of destination. Come on, hold on!

What types of payment are accepted by SAOLA?

SAOLA accepts payments by Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Shop Pay.

Is it possible to modify or cancel my order?

It depends on the timing. But we do everything we can to accommodate you, so send us an email at!

What is the return/exchange policy on the website?

Did you buy the wrong size?! Don't panic, go to our Returns and Exchanges page for all the information. And if you bought them elsewhere than on our website, the following question is for you!

Is it possible to return a pair that I purchased from a retailer?

Unfortunately no. But if you haven't already done so, we advise you to contact the store where you purchased them and check with them.


Are SAOLA shoes available in several widths?

Unfortunately no. We base ourselves on an “average” foot type.

I'm not really sure of my size, do I need help?

Take a look at our size guide , and look carefully on the page of the product you have chosen, there are some additional indications which vary depending on the model!

How do I maintain my SAOLAs?

As our shoes are made to accompany you on all your adventures, they are easy to clean! Simply use cold water with Marseille soap, and let them air dry!
Otherwise, you can put them in the washing machine, but be careful to remove the cork sole, and not to exceed 30°C.

Do recycled plastic shoes feel like walking on plastic?

Fortunately not! You won't even notice that your SAOLA is made from recycled materials. Our goal is to offer you ecological, cool and comfortable shoes, not wooden shoes from the 50s!