SAOLA designs leading shoes in terms of environmental impact , generates most of its sales in Europe and the United States and most of its production in Vietnam.
True to its international approach, the brand is continually refining its skills to achieve the best CO2/price/quality equations , always keeping people at the center of its thinking.


Since 2018, we carry out almost all of our sourcing and production in Vietnam, near Hanoi. Vietnam is a place of innovation where we have verticalized our operations in order to limit our overall impact.

It is also a bridge halfway between Europe and the United States, our two main markets.


Xavier, our Product Development Director is based in Taiwan.

He regularly meets the entire production chain , from the industrialization of methods to compliance with production quality rates.

This organization allows SAOLA to benefit from material innovations, an excellent quality rate while respecting its commitments in terms of price positioning and environmental approach.

Together we can #MAKEANIMPACT