Léo Maigret

Léo Maigret

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Last name :
Leo Maigret

Location :
Biarritz (France)

Activity :
cinematographer and photographer

What I like to do :
I spend most of my time surfing, skateboarding or skiing in the winter. I have loved these sports since my childhood and to this day they are still in my world! I also love doing anything that connects me to nature - spending time in the mountains and around the ocean. I also love photography and videography for personal projects, trying new things with new people in new environments.

My commitments:
I strongly believe in a simple life. We should all look around us and see a world of possibilities thanks to nature. I love minimalism and what it can mean in all sorts of situations. I believe in freeing your (my) creative world, discovering new personalities or subjects. Everything is inspiring.

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried: GRILLED

Favorite dance song: When the rain begins to fall – Jermain Jackson

A travel project: Faroe Islands, Peru and a few small islands lost in the ocean.

A word of advice for future generations: don't stay at home… get out!