Raphaël Masvigner

Raphaël Masvigner

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Last name :
Raphael Masvigner

Location :
Paris, France)

Activity :
Entrepreneur, traveler, yoga lover

What I like to do :
spending time in nature, by the sea, in the mountains or in the forest, that's the good life for me. I launched the start-up Circul'R to promote the circular economy with my friend Jules and it's a way to create positive alternatives for a better future. It takes and gives a lot of energy! In my spare time, traveling with my friends or my family, discovering new places and cultures… all this with a bit of surfing, you get my recipe for happiness;)

My commitments:
I believe in human kindness. Giving everyone the chance to create a better world is an essential way to foster positive change and make it real. Let's do it ☺

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried: raw!

Favorite dance song: For a dance party: Sexy Bitch (yeah baby!)

A travel project: Patagonia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Nepal

Advice for future generations: Be connected to nature