1% pour Mwalua Wildlife Trust

1% for Mwalua Wildlife Trust

Our objective is simple: to increase this percentage from year to year and allow associations committed to the preservation of the environment, such as that of Patrick, to develop.
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Have we already told you about the African association Mwalua Wildlife Trust that we have been supporting since the beginnings of SAOLA?

I hope otherwise we did our job really badly...

This association, born in Tsavo in Kenya, is on the initiative of Patrick KILONZO.
Originally from Tsavo, the latter set himself the initial objective of improving the living conditions of wildlife and the inhabitants of his native village.

Why this association rather than another?

Fascinated by Patrick's dedication and his commitment to the preservation of wildlife, it didn't take long to convince Guillaume.

For many years, water has become a rather scarce commodity in Africa . Due to global warming , regions are increasingly arid and water points are becoming scarce.
Patrick wanted to have a real impact. It is therefore full of good will, with real motivation that he decided to improve access to water and reduce conflicts between humans and wild animals.

Construction of water management systems in a sustainable way: watersheds, solar pumps and storage tanks

Patrick and his team travel around his native village to help local people. His actions quickly bear fruit: water points are created sustainably, so as to last over time, both for the animals and for the villagers.

Construction of strategically placed water access points for wildlife: mud holes or water troughs that allow the efficient and natural use of water sources.

Throughout the year, this small team works hard to create access points to water. They therefore dig into the earth and then add mud to prevent the soil from absorbing water. Another method also: shaping water trays.

Supply of these water points thanks to tank trucks

To follow up on the previous paragraph, once these holes / water trays are dug, Patrick's team is then responsible for filling them with a tank truck allowing them to transfer the water from point A to point A. point B, it takes about $250 just for a supply.

Reforestation to restore the natural habitat of wildlife

But Patrick is not enough for a single mission, it would be too simple. The latter attaches great importance to the preservation of wildlife and we share these same values. He therefore launched a reforestation program. This collective action thus makes it possible to restore life to the natural habitat of wildlife.

Finding solutions to human-wildlife conflicts through better access to natural resources and more advanced agricultural practices

Conflict between wildlife and humans is rife in Kenya, essential resources are scarce and sometimes hard to share. Attracted by human crops, wild animals (especially elephants) come to eat the corn and peas that the villagers plant to meet their needs. This conflict lasted a long time until Patrick brought up the idea of ​​planting sunflowers because yes, this plant is not eaten by elephants and requires little water to grow. Thus, animals and humans can find their accounts and live in harmony.
At the project stage, the fact of growing sunflower will also benefit local farmers, they will be able to sell or press the sunflower to obtain oil. In addition, the residues could be used for poultry and livestock. What a positive!
Another reason why Patrick decided to get into sunflower...
The sunflower is a plant that attracts bees, insects that fascinate our founder, Guillaume. Bringing sunflowers to Tsavo soil will enable local people to save bees as they are already saving elephants. In addition, as honey producers, these bees will also benefit the inhabitants. Already in possession of hives, the project initiated by Patrick is already underway!

Increase awareness of wildlife conservation and environmental protection in schools and communities

Awareness of the conservation of fauna and flora is increasingly important, especially in Africa where it is constantly threatened. We in the West are very sensitive to the protection of the environment but certain regions of Africa do not have the same priorities because the ways of life are different. Nevertheless, Patrick, a resident of Tsavo, agrees that it is undeniable to protect species and Mother Nature otherwise they will continue to degrade.

How does SAOLA participate in this adventure?

Thanks to you. SAOLA wanted to join Patrick in his very noble adventure: we donate 1% of our turnover to Mwalua Wildlife Trust.
This percentage is equivalent to several thousand euros which this year will allow Patrick to invest in hives and therefore increase the number of bees.
The number of bees increases significantly, pollination also increases, so the forests are gradually reborn. Added to this, this sum will increase the reserve of sunflower seeds and thus improve the cultivation of this new plant on the soil of Tsavo. Patrick thus hopes to convince the neighboring villages and widen his field of action. It is through collective actions that the environment, the living conditions of inhabitants and wildlife can be improved.
To put it simply, thanks to these funds, Patrick and his community are gradually restoring their ecosystem. We would like to allocate a larger percentage to help Patrick's association but due to our many responsibilities, it is difficult for us to do more at the moment, but we will not let go!
Our goal is simple: to increase this percentage from year to year and allow associations committed to the preservation of the environment, such as Patrick's, to develop and be able to...