Ce que nous avons réalisé grace à vous.

What we have achieved thanks to you.

We are committed to donating a portion of all our sales to three environmental conservation organizations of your choice. And with your help, we've donated $2,500 to the nonprofit Save the Turtles.

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We're not going to lie to you, it feels good to have one less year under our belt. And without you we couldn't have done it. In addition to bringing you fashionable, sustainably made and eco-friendly shoes, we're committed to donating a portion of all our sales to three planet conservation organizations of your choice. And guess what, most of you chose Save The Turtules !


Since 2001, Save The Turtles, a nonprofit organization, has been committed to protecting endangered sea turtles by protecting turtles, their eggs, and their hatchlings. The organization awards grants to community projects that help fund the salaries of those who watch the beaches at night and protect turtles from poachers.

Together we raised $2,500 for Save the Turtles.

“The generosity of this donation will protect sea turtles from poachers and their eggs,” said Debbie Sherman, Executive Director. "We are currently focusing on a small village, Parismina in Costa Rica, which we have been working with since 2001. SAOLA's generous donation will be used to pay local patrollers' salaries for 21 nights (eight local patrollers per night). Thankful to SAOLA, a company that sincerely believes in saving our planet and grateful to you, the consumers who support our mission.”

Whoa - thank you!

You have also chosen to support One Tree Planted , a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. You helped us raise $1,000, which will plant 1,000 new trees in Colorado.

€500 was also donated to Surfrider Foundation Europe , an organization committed to protecting the areas we play in: Europe's ocean, waves and beaches.

With the launch of our new collection, we continue our commitment to environmental conservation. One percent of all sales will be donated to a new and unique wildlife protection foundation, the MWALUA WILDLIFE TRUST.

Focusing our efforts on one organization is a strategic choice that will allow us to have a stronger and more focused partnership and have a greater impact so that our children, our grandchildren and future generations can benefit as much that we wildlife and animals like the rare SAOLA.

So there you have it, thank you for choosing SAOLA. Together we can #MAKEANIMPACT