Cannon Knit M 2.0 Tobacco
Cannon Knit M 2.0 Tobacco
Cannon Knit M 2.0 Tobacco

Cannon Knit M 2.0 Tobacco

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Extra-light and super comfortable, the Cannon Knit 2.0 is the kind you wear every day, without ever falling into the ordinary.

100% Vegan, made from recycled materials and of organic origin.
The soft, breathable mesh upper promotes air circulation and prevents sweating.
The plush midsole acts as a shock absorber for your feet.
Thick outsole is stable and durable, while remaining lightweight and flexible
Removable insoles can be replaced with your own.

Upper : 83% mass-dyed recycled PET, 11% PA, 6% Spandex
Lining : 60% polyester microfibers, 40% recycled PET
Insole: 85% recycled PU, 15% PU + upper part 100% recycled cork
Midsole : 35% Recycled EVA, 65% EVA
Outsole : 39% natural rubber, 56% synthetic rubber, 5% cork
Laces : 100% organic cotton
Weight: 227 g per shoe

The use of recycled knit reduces material loss to a minimum, as there is no cutting or waste.
Innovative stem dyeing uses 55-65% less energy, 85-95% less water and 60-70% less CO2 than traditional dyeing.

Made in Vietnam in our factories respecting ethical and environmental standards.